• The manuscript must be typed in a document of text without images.
    The documento must contain a front page stating:
                        1) The title of the collection
                        2) Slogan or pseudonym

  • The author's name must be deleted to facilitate fair, anonymous judging. 

  • Upload your pages as one file. DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, RTF, TXT. files are accepted.

  • Only one collection per writber is allowed. 

  • The Upload Collection menu open the form entitled Crear Descarga
                        1) It is compulsory to write the title of the collection.
                        2) Do nothing to change category. It is 2021 by default and it cannot be changed.
                        4) ¡Important! Write correctly the contact email.

  • You may use this procedure to re-submit (for any reason) the file.

  • The writer will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the entry. If not, contact the organisation.

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